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Return Policy

  1. All returns must be made within sixty (60) days after receipt of goods to receive credit. 
  2. The cost of shipping for returns due to an ordering error is the sole responsibility of the school.  Do not return collect or you will be billed for the shipping cost.  Please return prepaid.  Please ship all textbook returns via UPS or FedEx Ground.  If total number of packages exceeds six  click here for the FedEx Freight terminal locater and enter your pickup location zip code for the number to call.   Schools may want to insure packages valued over one hundred dollars ($100). 
  3. If you receive books not ordered due to an error made by EBD click here for instructions on returning these books.
  4. All discrepancies should be reported immediately.
  5. Books stamped or marked in cannot be returned.
  6. Claims for damaged goods or shortages must be made within ten (10) working days after receipt of goods. 
  7. Any kits, packages or CD’s broken open may not be returned unless damaged or defective. 
  8. All textbook returns must be sent back separate from sample returns. 
  9. All returns must have a reason in writing.
  10. All returns must have a copy of the packing slip.
  11. If you have defective books please call with a total number of books and we will give you instructions on how to have books replaced. 

 FOR ANY ASSISTANCE PLEASE CALL (501) 490-0007 OR FAX (501) 490-0006

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